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Happy 10 Years to Electric Picks!

Happy 10 Years to Electric Picks!

This month marks 10 years of Electric Picks Jewelry! 

In celebration of a decade of Electric Picks, we’re launching Exclusively You x Electric Picks - our first ever design collab contest where we invite YOU to design the next great piece of jewelry for Electric Picks. Sketch your necklace, earring, bracelet or ring ideas on the form below.

The chosen winner will receive a $1000 cash grand prize and their limited edition piece will be produced and sold online at 

To enter, download or screenshot the design entry form and send your original concepts to [email protected] 

Winner will be announced on 10/15.


Amelia Allen-Hatton

- October 09, 2021

Was not able to download form, however my idea is :A floating heart with every letter of the alphabet in the middle and accented with a clear CZ as a period at the end of each letter.

Kanedra Scott

- October 04, 2021

Could not download the form. My ideas are the following:

A necklace with feather’s handing from the chain or feathers going all around the necklace to make up the necklace/chain(for a boho style).

Bracelet with the feathers going all the way around to make up the chain.

Ring- a duel ring. One ring that is actually two rings. For your index and middle finger. Making either one long feather of two.

Katharine Thompson

- October 04, 2021

I wasn’t able to download the form. My ideas are the following:

A necklace with a thin cresent moon. A ring with two infinity symbols attached to each other and a necklace with a 1/2 moon and a tiny diamond in the corner.

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