No matter the piece or the price , we all want to get the most out of our jewelry.  You guys ask us about this all the time so I wanted to drop some knowledge about the different types of jewelry available and some tips/tricks on how to take care of them.
Lets start with the different types of gold!  When you’re looking for gold jewelry these are the types that come up most often- gold plated, gold vermeil, gold filled and solid gold.
Here’s the breakdown:
Gold Plated:  Gold plating is a layer or gold applied to a base metal (ours is brass).  So the base is metal and the gold is essentially dipped over the outside of that base (there is no gold inside the piece).  Our gold plated pieces are plated with 5x the amount of normal gold plating because quality is our #1! 
Gold Vermeil: Gold vermeil is genuine sterling silver that has been expertly plated with a thick layer of gold.  The difference here is the base must be sterling silver.  These pieces are great for individuals  who may have sensitive skin or allergies to base metals.
Gold Filled: Gold filled jewelry has around 100% more gold than gold plated jewelry and a much higher tarnish resistance.  It is made by bonding together gold and another base metal, so there is gold in the entire piece and not just an outside coating. It will not flake of or change colors.  Gold filled is a great (and economical) alternative to solid gold jewelry.  This type of gold is easy to maintain and normally lasts a lifetime.
Solid Gold:  Solid gold is the highest in price in purity.  Pure gold is actually too soft for everyday wear, so it is alloyed with a mixture of metals to give it strength and durability.  Karatage indicates the purity of the gold, or how much of the metal is pure gold. For example, 18kt gold is 75% gold, 14kt gold is 58% gold.
So how do I take care of and get the most out of my piece?
Gold Plated & Gold Vermeil:  We recommend you keep it dry and away from skincare products.  Take it off to shower, don’t wear it swimming, and avoid coming into contact with lotions and creams.  Storage tip- keep it in a plastic bag to help avoid moisture in the air.
Gold Filled: You are fine to shower in gold-filled jewelry, get it wet, wear it for life! We do recommend you remove it in salt water or chlorine.  Wearing it while using basic lotions is fine, but remove it when putting on anything strong- retinol, peels, glycolic acid etc.
Solid Gold: Little care is needed here.  Give it a wipe with a jewelry cloth once and awhile to keep it fresh.

Now keep on shining...because no matter what you're wearing you are GOLDEN!


  • Thank you so much for the breakdown of the types of metals and different styles of gold! I recently purchased a carabiner necklace from a different site and it was gold plated. It was a beautiful necklace and I loved it so much but the first day I wore it it tarnished and turned colors!! I was so upset! I am really excited that I found a similar necklace on here and it is gold filled which is not supposed to turn or anything so I am praying it stays in good condition this time!! For 120 dollars it should be a well made piece!

  • That was so helpful! Thank you for sharing!


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