old FAQs

What is your jewelry made of?

You can find what each individual piece is made of in its description.  We have gold filled, gold plated, and gold vermeil jewelry.  We know it can get confusing- so we wrote a whole blog post about it to fill you in on each type.  Find it HERE.


Can I shower in my Jewelry?

Typically, our pieces will not tarnish/turn, cause any discoloration of the skin; however, they are not solid gold and run the risk of occasionally doing so.

We have customers that shower every day in these pieces with no issues, but with any piece to extend their life, we do recommend removing them. Everyone's skin PH is different, and reacts differently to metals.  We generally recommend that you avoid getting any kind of lotions, creams, or perfumes on them as well.

We also put an anti-tarnish coating over all gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry.

We do guarantee all our pieces for life, so it something ever happens we will repair or re-plate it for you free of charge.


What does the lifetime guarantee cover?

With our lifetime guarantee we will repair or re-plate your jewelry free of charge, for life! Quality is incredibly important to us, and so are you.


How do I clean my jewelry?

We suggest gently using a jewelry polishing cloth.  Amazon has lots of good options.  And the pouch your jewelry comes in is a great place to safely store it.


What's the difference between the choker and necklace versions of a style?

The only difference is the length.  Sometimes we'll have two postings on the site for the same necklace.  For example, we'll have one that says Kennedy Choker and offers the choice to purchase 14" or 18" and one that says Kennedy Necklace and offers the same 14" or 18" choices.  We have the two listings so that you can see each photo from the shop page - the choker photo and the longer necklace photo, but they are the same necklace.


I was told your jewelry will never tarnish, is this true?

Typically, our pieces will not tarnish; however, they are not solid gold (fine jewelry) which is the only type of jewelry that will truly never tarnish. The great news is that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our pieces, so if anything should happen to your item we will repair the piece at any time - guaranteed.


How long before I will hear back from customer service? 

We strive to provide you with the best customer service in the industry and kindly ask for 24-48 hours to respond to inquiries submitted during Monday-Friday.


Why isn't my discount code working?

Discount codes are ineligible for limited edition, collaboration pieces. If you are having issues with your discount code for regular items, please email Customer Care.