old About Electric Picks


Every piece tells a story or inspires a new one 

There are two collections:

----- VINTAGE -----

These pieces are uniquely curated and cast from it’s original form.  We search around the world for what’s been lost.- charms, tokens, coins, keys - reviving them to make new meaning.  Stories once told are brought back to life again.

----- NEW -----

Working with our local metalsmith in New York City, these styles combine new chains, add natural elements (pearls, shells) and boast a variety of new charms.

----- STORY TAGS -----

Every single piece will arrive with an embossed hangtag to share it’s story 

 FOR CAST VINTAGE - a short diary of it’s history (what century it’s from, where it’s traveled, what it symbolize).

FOR NEW - a little reminder to inspire new adventures, create memories, and live your best life.  We believe jewelry lives your experiences with you. It carries the places, spaces, and people you’ll always want to remember.  

 Oh - and we guarantee your jewelry for life 

At Electric Picks we invite you to take a new journey each time you close the clasp.