About MJ & Chantel

Electric Picks is jewelry that tells a story. We love to scour vintage stores and pick pieces with the intention of bringing them back to life.  We cast & mold our favorites, and they become an extension of a story once told.  We also design our own new pieces with the intention that they will help tell your story when you wear them, a story never told before.

In 2011, MJ had a vivid dream to design a bracelet.  She woke up and followed that dream, literally, and Electric Picks was born. We're business partners, but above all, we're best friends.  We design every single piece together and put our heart into our designs.  

MJ started her career doing PR with Ocean Drive Magazine.  Shortly after, she launched an event planning company in Miami, but her passion has always been design.  For her 8th birthday her parents bought her a lemonade stand, but instead of selling lemonade she peddled custom friendship bracelets to the whole neighborhood.  
While living in San Francisco, CA with her family as a young girl, Chantel began working as a print/fit model on a steady basis.  She fell deeply in love with the design aspect of the fashion industry; and it was there, at the young age of 11, she was made aware of a natural keen eye for style.  Often she would offer design suggestions and find the following day that the designers, with decades of experience under their belts, had taken her advice.   She has 2 degrees in Fashion Design & Fashion Merchandising.  
We love what we do, and hope you love what we create!

Electric Picks is proud to be one of FIT's DENYC's 2014 graduates.  DENYC is a juried "mini-MBA" program for exceptionally talented, New York City-based fashion brands.

Electric Picks is handmade in New York City (dancing in the streets).